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 We’re committed to providing you with Professional Technicians that are highly trained in all aspects of pool care. "Quality" is our #1 goal so that you don't have to worry about your pool and you can just enjoy your "Backyard Oasis" Pool Cleaning in Plano Pool and Pool Repair in Plano Texas, Call us for all your swimming pool maintenance needs at  972-310-6316.


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We offer high-quality swimming pool cleaning services with no hidden fees and professional guaranteed* repairs. Our Technicians are prompt and reliable. Our pool maintenance and pool cleaner services are second to none because we take pride in quality and dependability. Whether it is regular pool cleaning, equipment or pump repairs, remodeling or resurfacing, we will bring our best effort, every time.


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We offer high-quality cleaning services and professional guaranteed* repairs. We’re committed to providing you with top notch customer support

We offer our excellent swimming pool maintenance services to our neighbors in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aqua Magic Pool Service



 What's included with weekly pool service? Aqua Magic Pool Service is a full service company. When you are quoted a price, it includes standard chemicals, back washing of the filter as needed, emptying the skimmer baskets, pump baskets and cleaner bag. We will also brush walls and all raised flat surfaces, vacuum the pool as needed and filling out the maintenance card after each cleaning . Whether you need a partial service plan, or a complete maintenance plan, we can help all pool owners find the right solution for their weekly pool cleaning. We don't place limitations on the amount of standard chemicals we allow per pool, this is included in the bid price. All of our chemicals are of the highest quality and contain 0% metals to ensure purity for your pool chemical.

Why would I choose Aqua Magic over other swimming pool companies? In short, we are an established company and have been in business since 2006. The company holds all of the licensing and regulation required by the Texas department of licensing. We are not just a pool cleaner. All of our technicians are professionally trained in pool cleaning, meaning we handle all aspect of your pool care. Aqua Magic has been serving Plano TX since 2006 and we will be around to serve your needs for years to come. To ensure the best customer experience, all of our technicians participate in a random audit evaluation process to ensure the highest level of excellence. Call us today to experience the difference of having an Aqua clean pool. 

Why does my filter need to be cleaned every 6 months? The pool filter is the heart of your pool. It should be completely disassembled and cleaned every 6 months to prevent costly damage, and ensure a clean pool. This service is included in the weekly service and maintenance plan. It will be performed every 6 months, per manufacturers recommendations unless otherwise specified by the customer at which time each additional filter clean will be charged at $89.99 (+ tax).

What happens if my pool needs a new basket or small part?  All repairs large and small, including small parts, pool equipment, and leak detection will require customer authorization. Unless otherwise specified by the customer.

What do I need to do as a homeowner?  The water level should be adjusted as needed to prevent equipment damage. Notify Aqua Magic Pool Service immediately, if you see any abnormalities including leak detection or require equipment repair. If you are in need of a weekly pool cleaning who serves Plano , do not hesitate to give us a call, we have the experience, knowledge, and care that other maintenance companies can't offer. There is nothing quite like a clean pool, so let our team make that dream become a reality!

Real Testimonials

KA Blatney

Jul 13, 2016

       Best pool service in Plano! My pool was turning green due to prior pool company's lack of experience. Aqua Magic came out and turned my pool around without having to do an acid wash in just a couple of days. I had a couple of other pool companies come out and they wanted around $700 to drain and acid wash the algae away. Also, no more weird invoicing - just one monthly bill (charge), even cheaper than the other company. Swimming pools are expensive to maintain. Having a pool maintenance company that is looking out for not only my pool but saving me money on repairs has been great. I recommend this company to everyone!

Randy S

Apr 13, 2016

     I absolutely LOVE the fact that there aren't any hidden charges and I get 2 FREE filter cleans per year! I highly recommend this company's to all my friends who want honest and affordable pool service.